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If you or someone you know has been detained for questioning, it’s crucial to secure expert legal counsel before providing any statement to the Gardai. Despite being under arrest, your rights remain intact, including the right to have a solicitor present before, during, and after any questioning by the Gardai, if so desired.

Never forfeit any of your rights while detained. The most effective way to uphold and protect your rights is by having a solicitor with you at all times. Your words during a Garda station interview could significantly impact the outcome, potentially determining whether you end up convicted and serving time or walking free.

Even if you believe in your innocence, obtaining legal advice is a must.Regardless of what the Gardai say, they are not questioning you because they think you’re innocent.

We’re available to accompany you to any Garda station across Ireland, anytime. We aim to ensure your rights are protected.

Here’s a list of specific Garda Stations in Louth that should have our contact information:

  • Ardee Garda Station​
  • Blackrock Garda Station​
  • Carlingford Garda Station​
  • Castlebellingham Garda Station​
  • Clogherhead Garda Station​
  • Collon Garda Station​

  • Drogheda Garda Station​
  • Dromad Garda Station​
  • Dundalk Garda Station​
  • Dunleer Garda Station
  • Hackballscross Garda Station​
  • Louth Garda Station​
  • Omeath Garda Station​

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